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Sarvak Kish Engineering and Drilling Services Company (SKDS) is a subsidiary of Global Petro Tech Kish Company (GPTK). The company is registered in Kish Island with headquarter in Tehran. SDKS was established in 2008 with vision of becoming one of the largest Iranian service companies.

In line with SKDS vision and with the aim of standardizing the activities, SKDS proudly managed to be granted the IMS licenses by implementing a consolidated management system in August 2011, and it is still valid according to the audits. Also, its attainment of the global award of commitment to quality, based on QC100 from BID organization, is yet another achievement of the company.

Sarvak Kish Co.’s main range of services, in brief, is as follows:
  • Management of integrated drilling services
  • Engineering and implementing drilling services
  • Providing materials/equipments for drilling services
  • Provision of Cemneting, Drilling Fluids, H2S Safety and Tubular Running services.
Sarvak has expanded its activities over the past years and now manages and implements five services out of all main drilling services with three offshore and onshore workshops located in Kish, Mehran and Ahvaz.