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Sarvak has currently 120+ employees working either in Tehran, Kish, Mehran, Ahwaz, Shiraz (Sarvestan) offices or as an operational one working onsite in our offshore and onshore projects.
our Key Personnel are as below:
- Alireza Amrollahi, Cheife Executive Officer
- Mostafa Jashn Saz, CEO Deputy, Operations
-Ali Zamani, CEO Deputy, Engineering
- Reza Kalaei, Financial Manager
- Shadi Rahmani, Procurement Manager
- Mehdi Rahmanian, Legal and Contractual Manager.
- Masoud Asadi, Business Development Manager
- Mehdi Rahimpour, Azar IDS Project Manager
- Majid Adine, Saadat Abad IDS Project Manager
- Ali Golestan, Cementing Operations Manager
- Alireza Dasht Bozorg, Drilling Fluids Operation Manager
to contact our key personnel, please simply go to "Contact Us" and leave your message mentioning the name of the person you want specifically to contact.