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As Sarvak Co. approaches its first decade of working life and with a glance at its operational reputation, what is apparent above all is  the growth rate of this company in all aspects, namely implementation, organizational, financial and so forth. And now after establishing three independent operational workshops with the aim of supporting on-shore and off-shore projects and benefiting from over 120 specialists in different drilling services and also possessing the appropriate materials and equipment, Sarvak is capable of implementing many simultaneous on-shore and off-shore projects.

Sarvak proudly announces that implementing previous and current projects not only are carried out by capable experts and managers of the company but also using the capabilities of the fellow companies in this industry and in legally defined collaboration formats such as Joint Venture, Agreement, etc.
With regard to the above points, Sarvak still keeps an open eye for any chance for exponential growth and participation in regional markets and to achieve this objective, would use all its power within the related domestic and foreign sections.
H2S Services


Sarvak Kish Co.’s main range of services, in brief, is as follows:
  • • Consolidated management of drilling services
  • • Engineering and implementing drilling services
  • • Providing materials/equipments for drilling services