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Subject: news Date: 2023-12-03

Sarvak and DOSAS hold a one day technical seminar

Sarvak and DOSAS hold a one day seminar on cementing and Drilling Fluids in Tehran. the attendees were a group of young and experienced Iranian upstream engineers and managers and the speakers were from DOSAS with 30+ years of experience in the industry

On July 9, 2017, Sarvak Kish Engineering and Drilling Services (SKDS), with the help and collaboration of its newly joint engineering and consultancy arm, the Dutch Oilfield Supply and Services (DOSAS) held a one day technical seminar on Cementing and Drilling fluids.
The speakers, Mr. Brian Mackereth and Mr. Roeland Verbakel were from DOSAS and shared their knowledge and experience they’d obtained over a 30+ years of working in oil and gas industry.
Different aspects of cementing and drilling fluids in terms of designing DOs and DONTs, operation considerations and post job assessments were discussed to a group of young and experienced Iranian engineers and managers who’d come together from reputable Iranian upstream operators along with SKDS’s technical staff.
Detailed discussions on material selection, Engineering and how to deal with the challenges held, leading to case studies and well received debates.
As a part of the seminar, Mr. Rahimpour, Azar Project Manager in SKDS, had a presentation on achievements and challenges of Azar Drilling Project as one of the most crucial Drilling projects in Iran. A group of Sarvak executives kept the project manager in company and the team answered the questions after the presentation.
Based on the results of the survey carried out within the seminar, most of the attendees both form SKDS and Iranian Upstream Operators were satisfied by the content of the seminar and how it was held.