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Sarvak Kish Cementing Projects

Sarvak Kish first provided Cementing Services in South Pars Development (SPD) Project. Since then the company focused on completing and upgrading its supply chain and has successfully delivered tens of operations in Azar, SPD and SaadatAbad fields.

Some of the jobs carried out in Azar oil field have been really eye-catching in terms of slurry weight, chemicals used and the volume of the job. Sarvak Kish is the first Iranian company that successfully performed a 2300 Bbl. job in 18.625-inch casing in Azar oilfield. Some of the slurries pumped in Azar wells have had densities above 150 pcf, which is not a normal weight in Iranian wells.

Besides Azar, we have successfully rendered several cementing operations in Lali, Zilaei and Chilingar oilfields which have added significant experiences to the company.

Sarvak Cement Lab was brought in service in 2016 in Kish Island and is one of the most advanced laboratories in the country.

Our services haven't been just bound to land projects. Sarvak Kish has left numerous satisfactory records in SPD-13, SPD-22,24 and IOOC offshore fields as well.

Challenges attributable to offshore projects, together with intrinsic yet unique properties of Azar field and above 10 years of experience in Cementing, have turned Sarvak Kish to a trustable Cementing company.

Cementing Onshore Service Projects List

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