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Cement Slurry and Drilling Fluids Laboratory:

Sarvak Fluids laboratory has been established in 2015 and our modern cement laboratory located in Kish is equipped with OFITE modern cement testing equipment. Our Laboratory services provide valuable insight for the quality control of different Cement and oil well Cement additives based on International Standard such as API, ASTM, OCMA and Local standards based on National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) guidelines.

The use of API testing procedures over the years has created a large body of experience-based knowledge about slurry performance in specific geological formations in the wellbore. At our laboratory in Kish Island we meticulously design each job’s slurry and keep testing and modifying it until the optimum properties are acquired. All of the lab equipment are US OFITE brand and are continuously tested and calibrated on predefined intervals.

By using these specifications as a basis, cement testing instruments are used to more accurately measure rheological properties and compressive strength in order to better predict cement slurry performance under down hole conditions.

Our experienced engineers and laboratory team can provide a bespoke and value for money design, execution, and evaluation process which runs from laboratory testing, cement slurry and job design and well bore simulation for surface, intermediate and production casing cementation using CEMCADE Software.

Our cement systems including:

  • Light cement
  • Dense cement
  • Acid dissolvable cement
  • Micro fine cement
  • Losses solutions
  • We are supporting our projects and our clients by providing the following supports including:

  • Minerals and Chemicals Quality Control according to API, ASTM, OCMA and National Standards.
  • Providing Quality Control Services for Third Party Inspection Companies.
  • Provision of Training Courses for Quality Control and Equipment Measurement.
  • Supporting Research Projects in Collaboration with National and International Universities.