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Our mission:

Sarvak Kish Drilling Services (SKDS), as a leading organization in the provision of integrated drilling services in the oil and gas industry, has established specific basic HSE policies to outline broad behavioral standards in certain high-risk areas of the company's operations, and senior management also ensures that all employees and stakeholders are fully aware of their role and duties regarding the HSE management system because the policy of the organization has been clearly communicated and understood to them.

Our Vision:

  • Creating a safe working environment and providing safe conditions and equipment, along with providing the necessary training that familiarizes the SKDS's personnel with the necessary knowledge and information to perform the assigned tasks in a completely safe manner.
  • Ensuring that the services provided by SKDS are implemented in a way that preserves the environment and also helps the company's employers and contractors in this regard.
  • Meeting the expectations of employers by implementing the basic requests related to quality at all levels of the services provided at the beginning and also during the duration of the project implementation.
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    Our Commitments:

    We know that Safety Culture is a multi-dimensional construct and we are committed to capturing the common and key elements of various leading safety culture frameworks.

  • Health and safety:
    As an oil and gas service company, we can promote sustainable consumption and steward resources for future generations. We set ourselves commitments and objectives for real progress from using sustainably managed and renewable resources to operating more efficiently, and from working towards our goal of zero waste to acting on climate change. Our environmental goal is implementing the (ISO 14001-2015) in all operations and projects in order to help protect the environment.
  • Environment:
    As an oil and gas services company, we can promote the sustainable use of resources for future generations. We set our commitments and goals for real progress through the sustainable use of renewable resources and striving to achieve our goal of reducing waste. Our environmental goal is to implement (ISO 14001-2015) in all operations and projects to help protect the environment.
  • Our Goals:

    It is important for us that all SKDS’s departments have a clear understanding of what they need to do with regard to achieving the HSE objectives. These goals include:

  • Train competent and knowledgeable people in HSE.
  • Continuous determination and review of HSE objectives.
  • Monitor and control HSE in all activities.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of occupational health and safety hazards.
  • Monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) in HSE Management System to increase execution process efficiency.
  • Reduce and prevent injury and occupational diseases for the people and prevent any harm to the environment, reputation and assets of the company
  • Safety is prior to importance and necessity, so unsafe work must be stopped.
  • Continuous improvement to reduce negative environmental impacts.
  • All employees and contractors should comply with HSE standards.
  • Comply with legal requirements and applicable national and international HSE standards.
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