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Sarvak Kish Cementing Services:

Sarvak Kish Drilling Services (SKDS), as a leading organization in the provision of integrated drilling services in the oil and gas industry, has established specific basic HSE policies to outline broad behavioral standards in certain high-risk areas of the company's operations, and senior management also ensures that all employees and stakeholders are fully aware of their role and duties regarding the HSE management system because the policy of the organization has been clearly communicated and understood to them.

Sarvak Kish is one of the Iranian companies capable of provision of complete chain of services needed for delivering a successful cementing job. Cementing was one of the first services provided by Sarvak Kish though. This department inaugurated in 2009, only one year after Sarvak Kish was founded, and since then has been a core service provided by the company.

Sarvak Kish Cementing department is proud to provide a big range of services including but not limited to provision of chemicals, Engineering and Design, laboratory, Logistics, Human Resources and equipment both offshore and onshore.

Sarvak Kish has a complete fleet of cementing equipment at its disposal including Cementing Unit, Cementing Heads, Surge Tanks, Batch Mixers, Solution Tanks, Treating Irons and other equipment and accessories.

Sarvak Kish cement lab. Located in Kish Island is one the most advanced cementing laboratories in Iran. The state-of-the-art equipment together with the technicians and engineers have enabled Sarvak Kish to design various slurries for different field conditions and then test them in simulated conditions before finalizing the design and starting the operation. All the equipment in the lab. are inspected and calibrated periodically as per the up to dated industry standards by authorized third party companies to make sure that they are run exactly in accordance with industry procedures.

Sarvak Kish has always considered itself committed to continuous improvement and excellence in services. To make sure of that, Sarvak Kish established its Research and Development department (as a subsidiary of Deputy Engineering Department) in 2018. One of several functions of this department is to continuously monitor cementing operations from the beginning to the end by assessment of the risks and take proper actions to minimize them. The R&D team will also supervise the operation and do post-job analysis. Since the establishment of the R&D department Sarvak Kish has become an ever-learning ever-improving company.

Sarvak Kish Operation employees are mostly energetic, young yet well-educated well-experienced people who have had brilliant achievements in terms of running challenging jobs such as 2100 meter, 18.625-inch casing cementing job in Azar wells with heavy cement slurries.