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Saravk Kish Drilling Fluids Services:

Drilling fluids services was initially brought up as one of Sarvak Kish's Services in 2014. It was first launched to provide services to Azar project. as it was proved to be beneficial to GPT holding, Sarvak Kish decided to improve its capabilities and soon after that, all GPT projects were awarded to Sarvak Kish in terms of Drilling Fluids Services.

Provision of Drilling Fluids Services in-house (By Sarvak Kish) helped the holding save considerable amounts of money as well as develop valuable experiences that were later used in other projects.

Sarvak Kish successfully provided Azar and Saadatabad projects with drilling fluids services.

Sarvak is capable of delivering chemicals, engineering services, laboratory services, human resources and logistics and storage services to its current and future projects.

It is also worth mentioning that Sarvak Kish has always been careful and committed to industry standards in terms of chemicals and materials used in this service. To make sure that our clients are always benefited with highest quality chemicals, sarvak Kish has stablished tough internal procedures for testing and handling of materials. These procedures that are always lived up with, have helped the company to gain highest scores in its appraisals by its clients.

Sarvak Kish has the privilege of being included in National Iranian South Oil Company (NISOC) and Petroleum Engineering and Development Company (PEDEC) and NIOC-EXP (Exploration Directorate of NIOC) list of approved contractors for provision of Drilling Fluids Services.

new projects are planned to kick off in near future, which means Sarvak Kish would have this great opportunity of providing Drilling Fluids services to one of its most challenging offshore projects so far. new projects include drilling and completion of several offshore wells and would undoubtedly grant Sarvak Kish with a valuable opportunity to proves its abilities again, this time in offshore projects.

Sarvak Kish has stablished well equipped logistics bases in Kish, Mehran, Ahvaz and Sarvestan (Fars Province) which all help the company to handle its projects more productively.