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Sarvak Kish Drilling Fluids projects

Since its establishment in 2008, Sarvak Kish has provided and is providing Drilling Fluids Services to the following drilling campaigns either individually or through joint venture agreements:

  • Integrated Drilling Fluids Services in Azar oilfield:
    Azar oilfield is one of the most difficult and challenging fields to drill in Iran. This is a joint field between Iran and Iraq, and is call Al-badra on the Iraqi side. PEDEC has awarded a contract to the GPTK based on which 10 development wells should be drilled and completed in Azar. Sarvak Kish has been engaged in the project to provide several services including Drilling Fluids.
    Intermittent high pressure-low pressure layers, serious needs for high weight mud systems, difficulties while drilling and logistics bottlenecks are some of challenges that should have been encountered and controlled by Sarvak Kish in this field. Thanks to the efforts of our engineering and operation team as well as the supports given to us by the GPTK, most of the difficulties have been overcome and brilliant records are left according to the appraisals by our client.
  • Integrated Drilling Fluids Services in Saadatabad oilfield:
    SaadatAbad oilfield is located in Fars province, south west of Shiraz. The project consists of drilling two development wells and one work-over well and started in 2019.
    Sarvak Kish has been in charge of providing Drilling Fluids Services to the project since the beginning of the first work-over campaign (Well 060). Two development wells would start to drill simultaneously to accelerate the project and save time and capital. This project is anticipated to end in 2020.
  • Provision of Drilling Fluids Services in Chilingar oilfield
    In 2021, Sarvak started providing DF services to Chilingar oilfield. The underground part of the project consists of drilling 5 wells. Some challenges might be in front of Sarvak which shall definitely be managed through a well-established collaboration by the GPT and the SDS.