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Sarvak Kish H2S Projects

Since it was initiated in 2014, H2S Safety Services in sarvak Kish has almost all the time been working with its full capacity, proving Sarvak Kish as a reliable supplier of such services.

From the early days of service to date, above 600 Month-Rigs of H2S services have been given to Iranian companies by sarvak Kish. In 2019, Sarvak Kish provided H2S services to 7 offshore rigs and facilities and 3 land drilling rigs all at the same time.

Our biggest projects in H2S services are as below:

  • Provision of H2S safety Services in South Pars Development Project (SPD)
    Sarvak Kish has provided and is providing H2S Services to different Phases of SPD such as SPD13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 22&24. Our services in SPD dates back to 2014.
  • Provision of H2S Safety Services Onshore
    Sarvak Kish has never limited its services to the offshore projects. In order to respond to the demands of Iranian land drilling projects, Sarvak Kish has successfully worked in Azar, SaadatAbad, Azadegan, Siah Makan, Sepehr-Jofair, Bibi Hakimeh and Sistan (Water Well). Sarvak records show zero NPTs which is extremely important due to the nature of H2S services and its role in keeping everyone safe.
  • Provision of H2S Safety Services to NIOC-EXPD Project
    The project starts in 2020 and the first exploration well would be drilled in Siri Oilfield. Thanks to its valuable experiences in other offshore and land fields, Sarvak Kish is selected as the main contractor for provision of H2S safety services.