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Sarvak Kish Engineering and Drilling Services Company is a private company that started its activity in 2008 with the aim of providing upstream oil and gas services and is now one of the pioneers of this industry.

One of the most important goals of the company has been to provide integrated drilling services in the drilling project of ten wells in the Azar oil field as one of the most challenging oil fields in the country.

In addition to providing integrated services, Sarvak Kish Company is currently engaged in providing five drilling services in onshore and offshore fields, which are:

Cementing Services – Tubular Running Services - Drilling fluids and Waste Management Services- H2S Safety Services.

This active group has been able to gain a favorable and privileged position in the field of oil activities by employing expert and experienced manpower in the oil industry and using modern systems.

In such a way that even now this company has become a reliable national brand in terms of the scope of services and activities in the upstream of oil, the satisfaction of employers, the development of the required technical knowledge, the high quality and productivity of the work done.

Believing that the main capital of any organization is its employees, Sarvak Kish Company from the beginning put the recruitment of expert and hard-working people at the top of its human resources development strategies and by providing equal job opportunities for all graduates, certain solutions to attract and Organized the recruitment of competent people to create and develop a distinguished expert and managerial body.

Being in a friendly, active and dynamic environment is the first advantage of joining the Sarvak Kish team. Working with motivated, expert and proficient people in their field is a good platform for career growth.

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