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Our Expertise in Integrated Drilling Services (IDS)

At Sarvak kish, we take immense pride in our ability to provide top-tier Integrated Drilling Services (IDS) for a wide range of projects within the oil and gas sector. With a reputation for excellence and a proven track record, we've consistently demonstrated our commitment to delivering exceptional results, combining cutting-edge technology, seasoned professionals, and an unwavering dedication to safety.

In the following sections, we present two remarkable projects that exemplify our expertise in IDS. These projects, the Saadat Abad Project and the Azar Project, showcase our capability to tackle complex drilling initiatives, ensuring their success and timely completion.

Azar Project:

Azar oilfield is located in Anaran Exploration Block, Ilam, near to Iranian-Iraqi border. The upstream part of this project included drilling 20 wells of which 9 wells were awarded to Global Petro Tech Kish.

From the very early stages of the project, Sarvak Kish Engineering and Drilling Services (SKDS) was selected by the GPTK to provide Integrated Drilling Services.

Sarvak Kish successfully provided the four services listed below since the beginning of the drilling campaign:

  • Cementing Services:
    provision of cementing services started at the same time as the campaign did. These services included provision of cement and cement additives (both Iranian and International Brands), Human Resources, design, engineering and optimization of slurries, provision of equipment and pumping of slurries.
    In March 2016, Sarvak opened its well-equipped cement laboratory in Kish. The lab is one of the most advanced ones in the country. From the time of inauguration of the lab, all activities related to designing and optimization of the slurries are done by Sarvak experts and the rate of NPTs due to late submission of the cement program has fallen to zero.
    Sarvak left unique records behind in Azar Oilfield in terms of Cementing Services, some which include, Cementing of the Longest 18 5/8” Casing in the country, design and execution of heavy weight cement slurries, several simultaneous jobs, …
  • Drilling Fluids:
    In early stages of Azar project, Sarvak Kish had to outsource Drilling Fluids Services from reputable local or international providers but as the project went on, Sarvak directly involved in DF services in terms of the provision of chemicals and expert engineers as well as technical support of the project. Sarvak is now providing Drilling Fluids Services independently in Azar oilfield.
  • Tubular Running Services:
    since Sarvak Kish was initially focused on its offshore TRS projects, the management team of Azar, had to award to the subcontractors some of the first TRS operations. After drilling and delivering of the first couple of wells, Sarvak started providing TRS services to Azar Project as well.
    Successful running of 18 5/8-inch casing with the total length of over 2100 m which has been performed in several well of Azar by Sarvak Kish is just one of multiple records that are set by Sarvak operations team.
  • H2S Safety Services:
    Sarvak Kish is one the leading providers of H2S safety services in the country therefor it’s not surprising that from the very first well that was drilled in Azar oilfield, Sarvak Kish provided this service to the project. As per the drilling program of Azar wells, H2S services are needed immediately after drilling and securing 17-inch hole and will be in need until the end of drilling and completion process.
  • The value of Azar IDS contract is 80+ million euros, from which almost 80 percent of services are delivered to the client so far.

    Saadat Abad Project:

    In 2019, Global Petro Tech Kish (GPTK) as a leading Iranian E&P company managed to win the tender on development of SaadatAbad Oilfield, held by the Iranian Central Oilfields Company (ICOFC).

    The contract was signed some months later and the campaign officially kicked off in September 2019, by deploying O2 rig to the location of well No. 6, as the first workover well.

    Saadat Abad project consisted of drilling two development wells as well as one workover well and was planned to end in early 2021.

    Regarding its valuable experience in Azar oilfield, from the beginning of the project, Sarvak Kish Engineering and Drilling Services (SKDS) was designated by the GPTK as the provider of the Integrated Drilling Services (IDS). To do so, SKDS provided services either using its own capabilities or through reputable subcontractors.

    The project was anticipated to need Cementing, Acidizing, Directional Drilling, Well Logging, Drilling Fluids and waste management, H2S Safety, Mud Logging, Well Testing, MOT/MOS and Tubular Running Services based on the scope of the work, from which, Cementing, Drilling Fluids (Mud), H2S Safety, Wellhead services and Tubular Running were services provided in-house (by Sarvak Kish) and the other ones were planned to be outsourced from reputable Iranian Companies such as the NIDC, OEOC, Hana Energy and so on.

    Saadat Abad Oilfield is located in Sarvestan Area, approximately 90 kilometers from the big city of Shiraz, South Iran.

    To make sure that the remote location of the wells would not create uncontrolled risks, Sarvak Kish had set up its logistics Base in the area, some months before the project started.

    It is also worth mentioning that the contract awarded to GPTK included both surface and underground operations and required investment of considerable amounts of money which would bring employment and development opportunities to the area.