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Sarvak Kish Drilling Services boasts a robust portfolio of cutting-edge assets that drive excellence in the drilling industry. Our equipment fleet stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering top-tier services. From state-of-the-art cementing units and extensive storage solutions to an impressive lineup of power tongs and advanced casing running equipment, we've meticulously assembled a range of assets to meet the most challenging demands in both onshore and offshore fields. Moreover, our H2S services is fortified with the latest sensors, compressors, and breathing air storage solutions, ensuring the utmost safety. In the realm of environmental protection, our waste management services comes equipped with dewatering units, pumps, and expert manpower, aligning with our dedication to minimizing environmental impact. Our assets are the driving force behind our success, enabling us to consistently deliver safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible solutions to our clients in the drilling industry.

Services Asset

  • Sarvak Kish Drilling Services Company officially started its own activities in drilling services in 2008, by commissioning a cementing services officially started its activity in the field of drilling services. Facing many challenges and difficulties, cementing services is one of the strategic services in the field of oil and gas well services. Suppling cement and additives, storage equipment, cement slurry production and pumping, cement design laboratory, cement cutting, mixing and transfer system, bulk transportation and other items are required to provide cementing services. In order to run cementing projects in both onshore and offshore fields and obtain the maximum satisfaction of its client, Sarvak Kish Drilling Services has also prepared a fleet of well-equipped equipment, some of its main equipment has been describe as follows, in addition to recruiting and training expert manpower.

    • Several cementing units
    • 25 cement storages
    • 2 bulk plant systems equipped in order to cut and mix cement and its additions
    • several solution tank machines
    • 7 compressors to supply compressed air needed to cut and mix cement and transfer them to the cementing machines
    • three bunker machines with a capacity of 40 tons each, to transfer cement in onshore and offshore projects
    • 10 cementing heads and their accessories in sizes 7” up to 18 5/8”
    • 2 oscillating cement tanks to even out the incoming cement flow to cementing machine
    • 2 pressure recording devices to record the pressures in the testing operations of completion strings
    • several booster pump devices to establish flow in the cement solution tanks
    • air dryer to cut the cement in humid environment and other required equipment.
    Also, Sarvak Kish Drilling Services Company has the ability to supply more than three times the current inventory due to several cooperation agreements with prominent companies in related fields.

  • Sarvak Kish Drilling Services company launched casing running services in 2009.

    The casing running services includes driving and pulling all types of casing, tubing and core pipes and completion string from the size of 2 3/8" to 30". These services are used for all types of wells under drilling, including exploration, development and descriptive.

    To achieve the maximum satisfaction of its client, Sarvak Kish Drilling Services company has prepared a well-equipped fleet of equipment in order to implement casing running projects, liners and completion strings in both onshore and offshore fields. In addition to attracting and training expert manpower, some of the main equipment It is as follows:

    Several up-to-date power unit machines, several power tongs in sizes 2 3/8” to 30” with the best brands of wrenches available in the country. More over Sarvak Kish Drilling Services company owns several jam systems to record pipe driving information, several equipment for pushing pipes in different sizes.

    Sarvak Kish Drilling Services company has the honor of providing casing running services (TRS) to all oil and gas client in the country and has been honored many times by breaking the record.

  • In 2012, In line with the development of its services, Sarvak Kish Drilling Services entered a new field in drilling services, launched H2S services and started providing services to both onshore and offshore rigs.

    H2S gas is one of the dangers of working in oil and gas fields, and breathing it in high amounts can cause human death. Sarvak Kish Drilling Services company tried to use the best expert manpower and equipment to provide services in this branch of services. In a short period of time, it was able to take get a good market share in this field and has a history of cooperation with most of the oil and gas clients.

    Sarvak Kish Drilling Services company provides this services with experienced team, along with features including electric and diesel compressors and new sensors in reliable brands, many 45,30 and 15 minutes breathing air storage capsules, air storage and transmission equipment. It uses the best material available in the market.

  • Sarvak Kish Drilling Services company, continuing the development of its services in 2022, entered into a new field in the field of environmental protection and launched a waste management services.

    One of the serious damages that the environment is facing is discharge of drilling waste pollution. In this matter, since waste is a great threat to public health and the environment, waste management is considered as a very important challenge in a global level.

    This services is engaged by providing waste management services in onshore fields with a big range of purification equipment, including several types of dewatering units, centrifugal pumps, buffer tanks, equipment for transporting logs and other required equipment, as well as using expert manpower. In this services, we try to do the least damage to the environment.