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Planning Department of Sravak Kish Company

The Planning department of Sravak Kish company contains Quality Assurance and Project Control departments.

Quality Assurance (QA):

The Quality Assurance department is one of the strategic departments that is responsible for protecting the company’s reputation. Its duties cover from initial stages of job to providing services for customers also after that. In this complex economic situation, the first step for survival of the organization is Implementation of management systems. The Quality Assurance department plans and executes its activities in accordance with the requirements of management systems and it has defined quality objective in line with the strategy of the organization and it implements the planned proceedings in order to achieve these objective.

The main duties of the Quality Assurance department:

  • Establishment of management systems and gaining international standards certificates.
  • the internal audits and inspections of the departments continuously to ensure improvement of the progress and submit reports to CEO.
  • Reporting about management systems and any need for improvement to CEO
  • Pursuing corrective actions to ensure continual improvement.
  • Implementing the risk management process.
  • Coordinating all activities related to the company's documentation system.
  • Monitoring customers’ feedback regarding the quality of providing services, monitoring and handling customer complaints.
  • Organizing management review meetings to evaluate internal audit findings and other data such as organizational changes, market feedback, previous audit results, non-compliances, customer complaints, and stuff.
  • Developing organizational chart and define the description of duties and achievement conditions for organization’s departments.

    Project Control:

    The Project Control department considering the project-oriented nature of the company, is one of the key departments. The project managers will have the accurate plan for projects by relying on the project control department. Any decision making in order to implementation of jobs and intensifying the process of implementation of parts of the projects requires the existence of analytical information about their status, which will be possible with the Project Control department.

    The main duties of the Project Control department:

  • The Project Control department is responsible for awareness and pursuing constantly following the process of projects and the status of relevant contracts, as a guiding department.
  • Preparing periodic reports based on project activities scheduling in terms of quality and quantity.
  • Managing cost and income of projects, sending and receiving contracts and projects invoices and develop and monitor the annual budget plan.
  • Preparation of work breakdown structure and projects schedule.