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Sarvak Kish Tubular Running Projects

Tubular Running (TRS) is one the main Services provided by Sarvak Kish which was initially introduced to offshore market only, however, in 2017 Sarvak decided to render such services to the land projects as well, and since then has left satisfactory records behind.

Main projects delivered or are in progress are as following:

  • Provision of Tubular Running Services in south Pars Development Project (SPD)
    Sarvak Kish has so far supplied TRS to SPD13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 22 & 24 and has carried out above 400 successful operations. Above 600,000-meter-long of tubulars were handled by Sarvak Kish in 7 different phases of SPD and over 12 different Rigs. Provision of TRS is still being done by Sarvak Kish in SPD.
    In 2020 Sarvak started providing Tubular Running Services to SDP-11 project under PetroPars Limited supervision, the contract was later on extended to SPD 12 too.
    We have also successfully provided Tubular Running Services to SPD13A, in 2023.
  • Provision of Tubular Running Services to the Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC)
    As a subcontractor to the DCI and Mapco companies, Sarvak Kish has delivered Tubular Running Services in Siri, Salman, Esfand, Hengam, Balal and some other fields. These services are still being provided by SDS.
  • Provision of Tubular Running Services to the Oil Layer Project (SPOL)
    From 2012 to 2016, sarvak Kish has actively been engaged in Oil Layer project as the provider of Tubular Running Services. Our last operation in SPOL dates back to 2016. As the Drilling campaign of SPOL resumes, Sarvak Kish would be one of the candidate companies to provide TRS services.
  • Provision of Tubular Running Services in Azar Oil field
    From the point of view of Tubular Running, Azar oilfield is really challenging but with relying on its experiences and competent crew, Sarvak Kish has successfully met the requirements of Azar Project and left exemplary records such as running over 2,100 meter 18.625-inch API thread casing in each of several wells of the field.
  • Provision of Tubular Running Services in SaadatAbad Oil field
    The drilling and work-over campaign of SaadatAbad field started in 2019 and since then, Sarvak Kish has performed several TRS jobs of different sizes. The project includes both development and work-over wells giving Sarvak Kish this opportunity to prove its capabilities over again. The project is anticipated to end in 2020 or early 2021.
  • Provision of Tubular Running Services in Azadegan Oil field
    Sarvak Kish carried out its first Onshore TRS job in Azadegan oilfield and has successfully delivered Tubular Running services to 10 wells from the top holes to the completion strings. We are now getting back to Azadegan, since we have recently won a tender for provision of TRS to 15+2 wells in this field.
  • Provision of Tubular Running Services in NIOC-EXPD Project
    NIOC-EXP would be the first exploration adventure of the GPT holding in recent years. Sarvak Kish would bring in action all its resources to make sure of the quality of service in NIOC-EXPD project as its first activity in an exploration project.