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Sarvak Kish Tubular Running Services:

Sarvak Kish Drilling Services (SKDS), as a leading organization in the provision of integrated drilling services in the oil and gas industry, has established specific basic HSE policies to outline broad behavioral standards in certain high-risk areas of the company's operations, and senior management also ensures that all employees and stakeholders are fully aware of their role and duties regarding the HSE management system because the policy of the organization has been clearly communicated and understood to them.

Currently, Sarvak Kish owns three sets of equipment which together with a team of competent employees enable the company to meet domestic needs in TRS market in all categories including but not limited to running CRA tubulars. Sarvak's logistics bases in Kish, Ahvaz, Mehran and Sarvestan have also contributed significantly to the company's achievements in Tubular Running Services.

Our TRS employees are all young and well trained and have the experience of working in both local and international companies. They have been engaged in offshore and land drilling campaigns and have had the opportunity to deliver Tubular Running Services to different types of oil and gas wells.

Sarvak Kish R&D is requested to monitor all operations from the early stages to the end and create post-job reports that could be shared by the client.

Our close communication with our customers has resulted in "very good" to " excellent" appraisal outcomes that have been done and are constantly being done by our clients. Such appraisals cover the entire parts of service from initial work orders to logistics and from the operation to post-job analysis.

Sarvak Kish initially delivered only offshore TRS projects but as the time passed and our fleet of equipment expanded, we entered the onshore market and since then, we have successfully carried out several land jobs in Azar, Saadatabad, West Paydar, Bibi Hakimeh, Siah makan and Azadegan fields, with minimum to zero None Productive Times.

We have also been active in offshore projects for at least 10 years and have initiated new campaigns, the details of which are provided in OUR RELATED PROJECTS page.

We are now planning on expanding our capabilities to both gain a bigger share of the national markets and prepare to enter international markets in near future.