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Sarvak Kish Drilling Waste Management:

It is extremely important to make sure that the drilling operation is being performed with highest levels of compatibility with the environmental standards and leaves behind the least possible adverse effects.

Drilling Waste Management refers to the set of techniques provided to reduce the generation of waste products during the drilling process. It also includes mitigating or eliminating the adverse impact of waste on the environment.

Drilling Waste, usually includes one or several of the following materials: Drilling Fluids, Cuttings, Water, Cement Slurry, Oil, Diesel, Acidic chemicals, … should the drilling waste be left unattended it would harm the environment and the leachate might influence the soil and could even seep to the ground water levels.

Sarvak Kish Drilling waste management Services started to work in early 2021. Our first campaign was the provision of DWM services to South Azadegan oil filed which is still in progress with records beyond expectation.

To guarantee that our customers would receive satisfactory DWM services, we tried to acquire modern equipment as well as well educated, talented and experienced employees.

Since our debut, we have successfully provided DWM Services to above 6 wells in Azadegan oilfield.

We normally review the mud system and recommend a disposal plan before the customer starts drilling operations. After the drilling started we normally basically the following services:

  • Drilling Cutting handling and conveyance.
  • Completion Fluids Filtration Services.
  • Laboratory Services.
  • Drilling Waste treatment.
  • Provision of chemicals and additives.
  • Dewatering Services.
  • Well Site Clean Up.
  • OBM Waste Treatment.
  • In order for the DWM services to be categorized as “Zero Discharge”, the cuttings should be separated, fixed and transported to the landfill and the water should also be treated, refined and sent back to the circulation system to be used either for making fresh mud or washing.